How to Play and Win Video Poker

If you want to know how to play to win video poker all you need to do is look below! There are great strategy guides here and elsewhere to show you which cards to hold or play for each video poker variations.


If you review our best video poker bonuses page you will know where to go to get some great bonuses. One thing that the odds charts cannot do is to advise you on all the different betting strategies.

Betting Strategies

Betting strategies like Martingale, D’Alembert, Labouchere and Fibonacci suggest how you can move forward from the odds to gain even bigger wins – through money management. These systems and strategies include increasing or decreasing bets after wins and losses.

Pay Tables

Betting strategies can not ever completely eliminate the basic game odds, so you should really first start by picking the right game!

These are of course based on the odds of each possible event occurring and applying the pay schedules. Once you have printed out and practiced these strategy guides you are ready to play for real.

A lot of internet hype is based on these systems and guides. But you will also get great tips on what to avoid and how to approach all systems – cautiously!


Reviewing, testing and practicing these systems is always illuminating, interesting, fun and worth the effort. On our free game practice pages we also give you pay tables, bonus suggestions and other playing tips.

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