Deuces Wild Video Poker the the Palace of Chance casino carries a pay table of 800-200-40-15-9-4-3-2-2-1 which corresponds with an expected return of 97.3285%

This return come from the payout of 800 coins with a Natural Royal Flush, 200 coins with Four deuces, 40 coins with a Wild Royal Flush, 15 coins with Five of a kind, 9 coins on a Straight flush, 4 coins for a Four of a kind, 3 coins for a Full house, 2 coins for a Flush, 2 coins for a Straight and 1 coin for Three of a kind.

If you look at and compare this to the full pay table of 800-200-25-15-9-5-3-2-2-1 you would not expect that full pay has a better 100.76% expected return.

This big difference of course relates to the higher number of ‘Four of a kind’ hands versus ‘Wild Royal Flush’ hands. That is why it is always very important to review the pay tables before playing any game! Then, you need to practice your playing and betting strategy to perfection!

However, the real value of the Palace of Chance video poker games comes with it’s truely loose bonus offer! For bonus hunters, this affords you a real opportunity to benefit from poorly constructed bonus offers. But to cash out, you have to be discreet and act like a real player by playing some poor hands and bitcoin slots.

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